Hell yeah Gocco

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Hell yeah Gocco

What’s better than after work drinks? After work drinks with Gocco.

To celebrate Papamarcus’ return to Perth and our new HQ at Studio Bomba, a bunch of us got together one Friday night in May to play with Gocco and create some new prints.

Based on an earlier design from Papamarcus, we each supplied an illustration (including a Nintendo controller, bird, bunny, floral pattern and even a walking tuba) and printed them over Marcus’ custom designed Hell Yeah type.

Here are some video highlights (I went a little nuts on Vine) interspersed with some great shots from Studio Bomba’s resident photographer Dan Grant.

Prints will be available in our Etsy store and in the Studio Bomba shop very soon. Stay tuned.








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  1. Rebecca
    May 28, 2013

    This is so totally awesome I have never seen a gocco going.

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