International Sputnik Day – Part Two

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International Sputnik Day – Part Two

With the celebration of my Gran’s 90th birthday last month (holy cow right?), I had the perfect excuse to duck back to Perth for the weekend and squeeze in a little get together with the Club.

We’d always intended to print posters from our International Sputnik Day project and since the designs were still on the screens it was an easy decision what to print that weekend. With a tub full of shiny new metallic ink and a couple of new recruits to break in (hi Dan and Bec!), we gave those screens hell for a day and managed to squeeze 2 of our 3 designs out.

All items will be up for sale once we go legit!

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  1. Maz Durbin
    January 4, 2011

    Brilliant, can’t wait until these can be purchased! Did I
    mention before that they work with my kitchen palette? Ooooh that
    reminds me…..

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