Interview with Duncan

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Interview with Duncan

For the second in our interview series with JTTC club members we thought Mr Duncan Roylance might be a good choice. Duncan is without a doubt the man behind the machine, and by machine I mean a Chandler and Price letterpress machine; “Herbert” to his friends. With Duncan’s help, Herbert is entirely responsible for all of the beautiful letterpress work we’ve been seeing coming out from the folks at Mitchell and Dent. A master of all trades, Duncan has a secret life as a blues musician, a talent for tinkering with old motorbikes, and seems to be determined to invent the next generation of silk screens. Without further ado, Mr Duncan Roylance…

Where are you from?
A time long, long ago, before the tyranny of Federation, when letterpress ruled the known universe.

What’s your day job?
I talk on the phone.

Why screen printing?
Why not screen printing???

Whose screen printing do you most covet?
Banksy – it’s kind of screen printing…

Your top two PMS colours?
Black and mid-grey (it’s the new black).

Your top two songs to screen by?
Can’t print, dancing!!

Your top two blogs?
Mitchell and Dent

Your top two typefaces?
Corona Sterling Portable, IBM Selectric

Your top two procrastination activities?
Hmm, let me see…

Your top two things that start with T?
Tea; and Triumph T140V

In a death match between the Queens left and right hand: Sir James Paul McCartney and Sir Michael Philip “Mick” Jagger, who would win and why?
Mick the Lip Jagger; he’s got too much of da blues for pretty boy Pauly. Though these days it’s hard to tell ’em apart…

Finally, show us your work

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