Interview with Studio Lost & Found

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Interview with Studio Lost & Found

Studio Lost & Found is a Perth-based creative agency that specialises in strategic brand development for the gourmet food and beverage industry.

For our next interview, Duncan sat down for a chat with founder, designer, and all-around nice chap, Daniel McKeating.

Where are you from?
Mount Hawthorn, Western Australia.

What’s your day job?
I manage Studio Lost & Found with my wife Rebecca.

Why screen printing?
Design + illustration + messy inks = awesome. It’s also an excuse to hang out with a fantastic group of talented, inspiring individuals.

Whose screen printing do you most covet?
Jason Munn – his work is incredible. Great ideas, beautifully designed, and screen printed to perfection.

Your top two PMS colours?
At the moment I’d have to say PMS 297U and PMS 804U.

Your top two songs to screen by?
1. Karma Police by Radiohead.
2. Scooby Snacks by The Fun Lovin’ Criminals.

Your top two blogs?
At the moment I’d say my favourites are FPO (For Print Only) and LovelyPackage.

Your top two typefaces?
At the moment I really dig Brandon Grotesque by Hannes Van Döhren, and Stag by Christian Schwarz.

Your top two procrastination activities?
1. Messing about with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
2. The Plants vs. Zombies game on my iPhone. It’s very addictive!

Your top two things that start with T?
1. Typefaces.
2. Tria markers.

Not including any people or pets, apropos the catchy studio moniker, tell us the most devastating thing you’ve lost and the most brilliant thing you’ve found…

Most devastating thing I’ve lost: I had the coolest Danger Mouse t-shirt when I was a kid… my Nan sent it to me from the UK. Somehow it disappeared… I was devastated!

Most brilliant thing I’ve found: I managed to infiltrate the new Perth underground railway tunnel a few years back whilst it was still under construction (I was a bit drunk). I found an official WA Rail hard hat and air horn which was pretty cool. That same evening I also infiltrated the old Boans building which was being used as an office by the construction workers at the time. I managed to get into the attic of the building and found a can of oil from the early 1900s.

Finally, show us your work.

The ChaliceThe QuestFrisky MidgetKnee Deep WinesRuby SlipperGlass SlipperRuby SlipperGlass Slipper

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