Interview with Mr Ben Hagley

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Interview with Mr Ben Hagley

You may know him from his hand modelling career in Sweden or you might have seen his name plastered over pamphlets for his upcoming group exhibition, to some he’s the mysterious man from up north, to us we simply know him as Ben. One of our founding members and all around nice guy, ladies and gents we’d like to introduce you to fellow Two Toner Mr Ben Hagley.

Where are you from?
Perth, Western Australia.

What’s your day job?
Scumbag Graphic Designer.

Why screen printing?
I really like the textures and the imperfections of screen printing. The evidence of a process in the final piece of work is nice.

Whose screen printing do you most covet?
Little Friends of Printmaking and Spike Press are pretty rad.

Your top two PMS colours?
I don’t really have any favourites. What ever works for what I’m doing at the time.

Your top two songs to screen by?
‘Broken Friends’ by Wax Mannequin and  ‘Element of Danger’ by MSTRKRFT

Your top two blogs?
These are good, and this

Your top two typefaces?
At the moment, Brandon Grotesque Bold and Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No.20.

Your top two procrastination activities?
The internet is the root of all procrastination for me.

Your top two things that start with T?
Triangle chokes and Three Toed Sloths.

Please describe your dream design project.
Nothing speciific but it would involve all or some of the following ingredients: a great idea, collaboration with a good crew, doing something great for someone good, travel, beer, wine, spirits, zombie hookers from space.

Finally, show us your work.

Ben Hagley Cake logo

Collaboration with Globe Advertising Group


Ben Hagley Ellen Sundberg logo

Collaboration with Studio Papa

Collaboration with Marcus Taylor

Collaboration with Marcus Taylor


Ben Hagley Sauce King illustration

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