Interview with Papa Marcus

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Interview with Papa Marcus

We know we’ve been a little mysterious, sending off unsigned tea towels and the like. It’s about time we properly introduced ourselves, don’t you think?

Here is the first in our series of JTTC member interviews. Please put your hands together for Johnny Two Tone Club founder and Melbourne branch president, Papa Marcus (interviewed by fellow Two Toner, Michelle).

Where are you from?
Perth, WA.

What’s your day job?
At the moment I’m trying to make a go of being a self employed Graphic Designer in Melbourne and run my company Papa Marcus Design. I’ve only just moved here so I reckon I’ll be washing car windows at the traffic lights before you know it. They still use a squeegee you know.

Why screen printing?
I love the immediacy of the thing. Dragging a wad of neon ink accross a sheet of paper and seeing how that lifts off the page just gives me a real kick. There’s something really exciting to me in reviewing each draw of the squeegee as it happens. It sure beats offering your printer a bowl of rice and a high resolution pdf, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. I also really enjoy working with a limited colour palette and seeing what you can do with that.

Whose screen printing do you most covet?
Jay Ryan, Morning Breath, Print Liberation, Andrio Abero, Ghost Town Design, Delicious Design League, do I have to choose only one?

Your top two PMS colours?
Pantone 310c, Pantone 108c

Your top two songs to screen by?
“Magical Colours” by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and “Please Don’t Touch” by Motörhead

Your top two blogs?
For Print Only ( and Batblog (

Your top two typefaces?
I really love Eames at the moment and I’ve been a big fan of whatever the typeface is that the Print Liberation guys use on literally everything they do. I think it’s handmade because all the weights are really odd and irregular. I love it!

Your top two procrastination activities?
l spend ages trying to level up my dork abilities by reading forums on computer issues I’m having in order to actually avoid more pressing things. I also like to drink a highly unmanly amount of tea.

Your top two things that start with T?
TED talks, The Walking Dead (super super awesome comic book)

What’s your earliest memory of making art?
I think it was a ticket I “designed” when I was in Primary School. There was a competition to design a poster for the school play ‘The Flying Pieman’, if I remember correctly. This other guy (his mum actually) won it and got his drawing on the poster but mine was runner up so it became the ticket art. I can’t imagine the shape of the ticket that it would work for both. My mum told me that not everyone would see the poster, but everyone coming to the show would have to see my ticket. Good words Mum.

Finally, show us your work…

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