Origins of Johnny

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Origins of Johnny

Back before we’d fully formed as a club and had all the necessary conversations about membership rings and other basic club rights, we use to like to experiment with Riso a fair bit. Whilst having a dig through some old projects I came up with this little gem of a Valentines Card which I made earlier this year (2010), to woo a girl called Penny.

Penny had quite the affection for the odd zombie film as it turns out. So being the romantic bastard I am, I thought what better way to profess my feelings than an anonymous, but relatively obvious Valentine card depicting the two of us as zombies, in the clothes we first met in, and offering our hearts to each other. It was a risky bet to say the least.

I even illustrated her wearing a pair of awesome hand silk screened stockings that I purchased and mailed to her in the coming weeks after V Day.

Needless to say, everything went well and Johnny got Penny.

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