Valentines Cards

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Valentines Cards

With V-Day just around the corner we thought it might be prudent to make some fancy cards for loved up folks to give to the object/objects of their affection. With our patriotism levels feeling comfortably mild, we decided to make the most of Australia Day and try our hands on the endangered Gocco machine.

With no prior experience in this medium myself, our newest Melbourne recruit Painter Girl was good enough to take me under her wing and show me what’s what in this business. With a number of stop starts on my behalf between badly applying my Foam Stoppers and breaching paint, or badly carbon printed artwork I managed to botch things up for most of the day on my ‘I heart Ranga’ design. However, a shared birthday with the Boss has always enriched me with a ‘no retreat, no surrender’ policy so off I trotted to Officeworks, then to KFC, and then finally to a Liberty petrol station that was kind enough to run my designs through the photocopier for maximum carbon density.

Back in business again and approaching sunset rapidly, I powered on and managed to have the best of success in printing my ‘You are Rad’ design, especially victorious as I stayed up until 1am drawing it the night before while my friends watched Top Gun. With everything going smoothly I was beginning to finally feel the fabled ‘Gocco success fever’ everyone was talking about, yep the day was a win after all.

Painter Girl of course was going from strength to strength all day starting with a killer batch of scones and following on to producing her always stellar prints on their signature vintage novel page backgrounds. She’s also released a series of crazy ‘Love Attack’ cards and prints already available from her Etsy shop.

JTTC Items will be available for purchase on our Etsy Store shortly.

I heart Ranga

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